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Coffee from Brewup Coffee for Filter

Brewup Coffee is an independent coffee company based out of Windsor, Berkshire, United Kingdom. Founded by Stefan Terblanche who originally crafted each blend by sourcing the finest green coffee beans in the world and hand roasting them in a pan over an open fire, crafting exceptional coffee blends.

They believe every coffee is an experience, a moment never to be relived until utter perfection is accomplished. Fascinated by it the company was started to share the experience with you.

Looking for coffee that's great in a filter? Look no further. We've hand picked the best coffees for your filter or pour-over method from our range of UK artisan roasters. All our coffees are delivered fresh from the roaster straight to your door.

Popular filter methods include V60, Kalita Wave and Chemex.

Brewup Coffee
Brewup Coffee
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