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Kenyan coffee for Espresso

A speciality coffee giant, alongside some of its East African neighbours, Kenya is highly renowned as one of the greatest coffee producing countries in terms of quality. With a fraction of the coffee history of its Northern neighbour Ethiopia, Kenya excelled in production in the 1950’s and now has some of the most highly educated producers alongside the perfect coffee growing environment.

I always find it very difficult to opt for anything other than a Kenyan when I see it on filter in a cafe. The unique and extraordinary flavours that certain Kenyan coffees hold is remarkable. Often bright with layers of complex berries as well as streaks of wine toned acidity wrapped in sweet fruit. Best prepared as a pour over, the cup often evolves as it cools.

We have a huge selection of both blended and single origin espresso coffees from artisan roasters. They range from espresso beans giving a luxurious crema and rich chocolatey, nutty flavours, thru to some lighter roasted beans that produce vibrant and bright espressos.

Use the filtering below to help you find the espresso coffees you are after.

We also have a Hand Picked selection with coffees that are fantastic as straight espressos or ideal in based milky drinks

We're coffee enthusiasts at heart and if you need some assistance in selecting your coffees we would love to help. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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Rounton Coffee Roasters: Kenya, Mahiga, AB, Washed Rounton Coffee Roasters: Kenya, Mahiga, AB, Washed
from 250g: £8.75
Best for Aeropress
Flavour notes: Peach, redcurrant, sparkling
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Clifton Coffee Roasters: Kenya, Doondu Estate, Anaerobic fermentation Clifton Coffee Roasters: Kenya, Doondu Estate, Anaerobic fermentation
from 250g: £10.95
Best for Filter
Flavour notes: Lavender / franzipan / tangerine
Not available to United Kingdom
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