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Coffee Factory - Devon

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Coffee Factory is a Artisan Coffee Roaster from Devon, we are very much a family run company, hiring friends and family to help roast and post those beans.

About us

We source some of the tastiest coffee beans from around the world, using only 100% arabica coffee beans. We roast weekly in our 15Kg roaster ‘Rango’ and we believe this produces the freshest and tastiest coffee you can buy. Roasting this way allows us to be intimately involved in every roasting batch to ensure you’re getting the best cup of coffee possible. All our Coffees are available as beans, or freshly ground for cafetiere, filter or espresso.  We are extremely passionate about producing great tasting coffee and are always here to help guide you and find the right tools and techniques to brew the perfect cup of coffee for your business or home.  Our selection of specially crafted blends have won Great Taste Awards in 2011 & 2012.

Our Story

Our journey started over 10 years ago, living and working in Sydney as a professional Barista. It only seemed right to bring the passion for coffee and cafe culture back home to Devon where we stumbled across a somewhat worrying issue, “the coffee”, it just didn’t cut the mustard…. so in the beginning of July 2007 we opened one of the first Artisan Cafes in the South West and started roasting coffee for our own Cafe. Demand for our fresh roasted coffee grew and today we have the Coffee Factory, where we roast for like minded coffee folk from all over.

The Roasting

Micro-roasting allows us to be intimately involved in every roasting batch to ensure you’re getting the best and freshest cup of coffee possible, there are no computers or setting a timer and walking away. Our head Roaster Danny carefully monitors Rango our 15Kg roaster, logging every minute of the roast using paper and pen, controlling gas, airflow and drum speed by hand, following our specially crafted roast profiles.

Behind the scenes we spend a lot of time focused on sourcing high quality beans. Although roasting method is important you have to start with fantastic green beans to get a great tasting coffee. We pick ‘Speciality’ grade beans which can be traced back to the Farmer, Co-Op, Plantation or Estates where the coffee has come from.

How Fresh is your coffee

Our coffee is bought directly from the best farmers across the world, we work closely with like minded importers sourcing great beans. Like all fruit, coffee is seasonal which means our coffee offerings are constantly changing throughout the year. We cup our coffees weekly to ensure the beans are still tasting as good as they did the very first day they landed with us at the Roastery.

We roast coffee weekly and despatch web orders throughout the week ensuring your coffee is fresh and delivered within good time.

Responsible sourcing and ethics

We know exactly where our beans come from and who grows them. We’re passionate about sharing these stories, and celebrating the provenance of the coffees, and the people whose hard work makes them so delicious.

We aim for 100% traceability responsibly sourcing coffee ensuring that the farmers receive a sustainable living cost for producing great coffee. We work directly with ethically minded importers who audit the farms to ensure that the farmers receives a premium over and above the cost of production, this allows the farmers to provide a level of care for their workers, their families and the environment around them.

Coffee Factory


When do we roast and post your coffee?

We roast all coffee, fresh weekly on Monday & Tuesday. We despatch orders throughout the week. Any orders received after 11:00 in the morning on a Tuesday will be processed on following roasting days.

Delivery prices to United Kingdom

Collection locations (Free)

  • Coffee Factory Roastery - Samurai Buildings, Seaton Junction, Axminster, Devon EX13 7PW
Coffee Factory - Devon

Coffee Factory - Devon

All the coffee

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Coffee Factory - Devon

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