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Climpson & Sons: Sampler Pack: Espresso And Blends

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This sampler pack showcases Climpson & Sons recommended espresso coffees, roasted and blended to sit well in milky drinks and to taste amazing as an espresso.

  • The Baron - A punchy espresso blend, for lovers of a rich coffee. A balanced espresso that cuts through milk. Daterra Estate, Brazil. Chocolate, Orange, Marzipan
  • Climpson Estate - Their signature espresso blend. A balanced espresso that cuts through milk. Milk Chocolate, Butterscotch, Orange Marmalade
  • Broadway Blend - 50% Fazenda Recreio, Brazil, Pulped Natural; 50% El Meridiano, Colombia ?Washed. An innovative espresso showcasing flavour. Tailored for espresso or 6oz milk drinks. Cocoa, Raspberry, Nougat
  • The Fields - Sasaba, Ethiopia - Natural. An adventurous single origin espresso showcasing the provenance of the coffee. Strawberry, Orange Cream, Honeycomb


Great for: Cafetiere, Espresso, Milky, With milk

When do we roast and post your coffee?

All our coffee is roasted to order and dispatched by courier.

Delivery prices to United Kingdom

Collection locations

  • Climpson’s Arch (Roastery) - Arch 374 Helmsley Place, London, E8 3SB

Initial collection: Climpson & Sons - London

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Climpson & Sons - London

Climpson & Sons - London

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Climpson & Sons - London
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Tasting record

Method Dose Grind Time Volume Comments
e.g. Espresso 18g Vario 1E 25secs 30ml A bit finer next time would be better.