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Weanie Beans: Mexico, Tequila, Washed

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From Weanie Beans:

This is the first Mexican coffee we've offered since we first started roasting, and it's a place close to our hearts, as it where Weanie Beans owners Adeline & Scott got engaged, so it always makes us happy just thinking about Mexico. This particular coffee has hints of cocoa and almond with caramel, apple and walnuts - think of it as an apple crumble with a drizzle of cocoa and roasted nuts on top.

Tlecuaxco is a family organisation that has been working together (formally) since 2016.

They use only organic pest and disease controls on the farms, which helps the local wildlife to thrive - not just animals, but other plants too.

Farm/Coop: Tequila
Great for: Aeropress, Cafetiere, Espresso, Filter, Stove Top, Black, With milk
Origin: Mexico, Central America
Owner: Tlecuaxco Coffee Group
Process Method: Washed
Tasting Notes: Bright apple and sweet almonds, with a smooth caramel finish
Varietals: Typica, Bourbon & Garnica

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