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Artisan Roast: Colombia, Finca El Porvinire - Pink Bourbon, Washed

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Notable for its plush rose-like fruit colour this rare pink bourbon is an exclusive from artisan roast. Once roasted the brew is full of succulent raisins and orange citrus followed by moreish roasted hazelnut and milk chocolate flavours

From Artisan Roast:

The coffee tree is known for its ability to bring surprises to coffee farmers, one of which are unusual changes in the way plants look, or the type of fruit they produce.  The fruit is usually a deep red or yellow depending on the cultivar and once in a while more extravagant colours are thrown up.  One of these is the rare and hard to find Pink Bourbon.

This pink fruiting variation of the much loved Bourbon can be traced to the Huila region of Colombia and a few farms have been able to reproduce plots of this vibrant coloured coffee.  One of these is El Porvinire, a medium sized family run farm deep in the south of Colombia in Huila's Palestinia municipality.  With that larger than average size of farm Juan Jimenez Peña has been able to plant the unusual as well as the more expected coffee cultivars like caturra.  This Pink Bourbon is definitely in this unusual category and this is a cultivar

The roast has been kept medium light to focus on the rounded sweetness and supreme balances of Juan's coffee.  This refined example of a pink bourbon is full of flame raisin and orange citrus flavours.  These combine beautifully with the moreish flavours of roasted hazelnut and caramelised sugar and milk chocolate.  Palestinia coffees are known for their complexity and subtle further characteristics of vanilla and cinnamon are noticeable in low intensity depending on brew method as well. The acidity is structured, complex and enhances the orange citrus characteristic while a complementary high level of sweetness keeps the overall taste profile in perfect balance.

Farm/Coop: Finca El Porvinire - Pink Bourbon
LETTERBOX friendly (single bag): YES
Altitude: 1700m asl
Great for: Aeropress, Cafetiere, Filter, Black
Origin: Colombia, Central America
Region: Palestinia Municipality, Huila Department, Colombia
Owner: Juan Jimenez Peña
Process Method: Washed
Varietals: Pink Bourbon

Roaster: Artisan Roast

LETTERBOX friendly (single bag): YES

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