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Cast Iron Coffee Roasters: Kenya, Kii factory, Washed

Tasting notes: Jammy & sweet with an intense sparkling acidity. blackcurrant, rhubarb & strawberry

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From Cast Iron Coffee Roasters:

The coffee grown in rich and fertile red volcanic soil is handpicked by the smallholder members and delivered to the factory where is it pulped. This will initially separate the dense beans from the immature 'mbuni's (floaters). The beans are then put through a 2 step fermentation process, each lasting up to 24 hours. After, the beans go through washing channels and are soaked for 24 hours, helping to give the complex fruit flavours that Kenyan coffees are so famed for.

The Kii factory is located in Ngairiama in the Gichugu division of Kirinyaga district in Central Province. It is one of 3 factories which make up the Rungeto Farmers Coop Society. The coop was established in 1953 and now has around 3507 members.

Farm/Coop: Kii factory
Altitude: 1700-1900 masl
Great for: Aeropress, Cafetiere, Espresso, Filter, Stove Top, Black, With milk
Origin: Kenya, Africa
Region: Gichugu Division Of Kirinyaga District In Central Province
Process Method: Washed
Tasting Notes: Jammy & sweet with an intense sparkling acidity. blackcurrant, rhubarb & strawberry

Roaster: Cast Iron Coffee Roasters

Brewing notes

Filter: We suggest using a V60 for the Kii AA but to be honest, it makes a great filter with all brew methods. As a starting point use a ratio of 30g of ground coffee with 500ml of water at approximately 95degC. Wet the best of coffee with approximately twice its weight in water, say 60g and use a teaspoon to stir lightly to make sure all the ground are equally saturated. Add the remaining water in 3 equal measured with all of the water added before 2 mins 30. The total brew time should be around 3 minutes.

Espresso: Nothing is as satisfying as a well pulled Kenyan espresso. Our Kii AA is bright, complex and super sweet. As a starting point try 19g of coffee for a 40g shot in around 34 seconds. Expect a sweet, winey, well-balanced coffee with a long finish. Target extraction level 19.4%.

When do we roast and post your coffee?

Orders placed Monday to Thursday will ship next day, orders which are placed Friday to Sunday will be posted out on Monday.

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