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El Salvador coffee for Aeropress

Home of the famous Pacamara varietal, El Salvador has been an important player in the coffee producing World for many years.

After the civil war of the 1980’s El Salvador have been progressive in the speciality coffee industry, while many other countries replaced unique speciality coffee trees for high-yield crops, El Salvador did not go through this process. In turn, although El Salvador does not produce anywhere near the quantity of coffee as other Central American countries it does produce undeniable quality and unusual characteristics.

An El Salvadorian coffee doesn’t have the punchy flavours and acidity of a Guatemalan however the subtle fruitiness and the gentle fragrance make coffee from this region of the world a perfect everyday coffee.

The Aeropress was invented in 2005 by Aerobie president Alan Adler. It makes a fantastic coffee machine for travelling as it is made from durable plastic.

Ground coffee and hot water are added to the main chamber.  After the required brewing period, the coffee is pushed through a paper filter by pressing the plunger. The resulting coffee is typically very clean and full flavoured.

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El Salvador|El Salvador
El Salvador|El Salvador