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Coffee from Bolivia for Aeropress

Bolivia is a country with enormous potential to become a world class speciality coffee producing country. It’s climate, altitude and fertile land make it a perfect place to grow coffee, however the overall export of coffee is declining every year.

With the economy struggling and the price for coffee unable to out-do that of coca, farmers aren’t to blame for exchanging their crop. However, in recent years external funding has brought new washing stations to the country alongside incentives for farmers to grow higher quality coffee like the introduction of the cup of excellence.

The traceability of Bolivian coffee is very good, and most coffees can be traced right the way back to the individual farm or cooperative. This makes for some unique coffees.

Predominantly clean in the cup they sometimes struggle to obtain sharp acidity but have a wonderful sweet-toned finish and overall balanced.

The Aeropress was invented in 2005 by Aerobie president Alan Adler. It makes a fantastic coffee machine for travelling as it is made from durable plastic.

Ground coffee and hot water are added to the main chamber.  After the required brewing period, the coffee is pushed through a paper filter by pressing the plunger. The resulting coffee is typically very clean and full flavoured.

Use the filtering below to help you find the Aeropress coffees you are after.

We also have a Hand Picked selection of coffees that are ideal for Aeropress.

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