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918 Coffee Co - Dorset

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918 Coffee Co. was started in 2009 by husband and wife team Mr Justin Cornelius and Mrs Chanel Cornelius, primarily to service our growing chain of artisan coffee shops in the south of the UK. By 2010 the company had grown considerably and had begun roasting various coffees for a much bigger audience. With our company focus being equally divided between great artisan coffees and our customer service. This has been a winning combination and has led to us employing more experts in the field and has also enabled us to be able to deliver our coffee throughout the UK and even overseas as far as Russia, China and New Zealand.

Developing new working relationships with growers, merchants, distributors and other artisan roasters alike, 918 Coffee Co. is firmly establishing itself in the marketplace as a source of fine coffees and great customer service.

We are very particular about our coffee and are also very proud of our own unique blends of coffee all developed in our ever expanding Roastery in Gillingham, Dorset. We work with over 50 single origin coffees, which enables us to have all variations at our disposal for blending as well as a truly spectacular range of single origins to try. We have produced blends for individuals as well as unique blends for small coffee companies, blends for a chain of coffee shops and even a blend for the Houses of Parliament.

Holding stocks of over 10T of raw coffees from 50 different origins we are able to offer both the trade and the public the chance to enjoy our passion with us.

Our passion for great coffee and great coffee knowledge has helped us develop this multi award winning business to what it is now.


Currently, 918 Coffee Co does not deliver to United Kingdom

If you are interested in their coffee please contact us

918 Coffee Co - Dorset

918 Coffee Co - Dorset

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918 Coffee Co - Dorset

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