6 Ways To Use Coffee Grounds At Home

6 Ways To Use Coffee Grounds At Home

14 June 2020

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With hundreds of millions of cups of coffee consumed each and every day, in the USA alone, it is an incredibly popular beverage.

Whether you grind your own beans or get pre-ground coffee, there is always the consideration of what to do with the used coffee grounds.  There are several options and this blog post looks at some great ways to use coffee grounds - both used and fresh - at home.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Because coffee grounds are quite coarse, they make a great exfoliating skin rub for your face and body. Mix them with some water and coconut oil or other product, and they are ready to use in seconds. Coffee grounds have antioxidant properties, and can also increase blood flow. In addition to exfoliation, coffee grounds can also help your skin in a number of other ways. From reducing dark circles, to reducing inflammation, coffee grounds can be a great part of any skincare routine.

Fertilise Your Garden

Coffee grounds are also a great fertiliser, as plants love them. The grounds contain many important minerals that can help plants grow stronger and quicker. The coffee can also help to absorb things like metals that may have contaminated the soil. All it takes is sprinkling a bit of the coffee grounds all over your garden.

Make Insect Repellent

No matter where you live, there is a good chance you struggle with some kind of insects in or around your home. If so, coffee grounds can be a big help. Certain parts of coffee, including the caffeine, can be toxic to many insects such as mosquitoes and fruit flies. Simply leave out some bowls of coffee grounds, or sprinkle them in problem areas to see your insect problem disappear quickly.

Deodorise Your Home

From smelly socks to gym bags, many homes are full of unpleasant scents at one time or another. The nitrogen in coffee grounds is effective at eliminating and absorbing smells so coffee grounds can even help deodorise your home. They can be placed in your fridge, in your room, in a closet or on a window sill. They are great for putting in an old sock to make air fresheners that you can move around your home with ease.

Help Your Hair

Just like coffee grounds have benefits for your skin, they can also work wonders for your hair. Firstly, they can help to remove the buildup of hair products and help to keep the scalp clean by removing dead skin cells. Also, it is believed that caffeine can stimulate hair growth and blood flow, to improve the rate that your healthy hair will grow.

Repair Your Furniture

Dark wooden furniture is often very prone to scratching, which can ruin it’s appearance in seconds. By mixing water with coffee grounds, you have a paste that can often help to repair these scratches and surface imperfections. Simply rub the paste into the damage, let it sit, and then wipe it away. The scratch will not only be buffed out, but the natural dyeing properties of the coffee grounds will help to hide the remnants of the damage.

In conclusion, we hope that this article has been able to show you some of the many ways that you can use coffee grounds at home.

Incidentally, if you are looking for a grinder, this might be a great starting point for your search. 

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