by Lloyd Burgess — 16 February 2018

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Fiery volcanoes, huge lakes, huge lakes with fiery volcanoes. Guatemala has an iconic postcard worthy landscape that attracts folk from all over the world. It just so happens that the very things that make Guatemala so unique, the volcanoes also play a huge role in providing rich and nutrient land for coffee to grow.

Coffee has been growing in Guatemala since the 1850’s and was always one of main exports for the Guatemalan economy. Right up until the early twenty first century coffee was one of the main economic players in Guatemala. Unfortunately since the coffee crisis in 2001 and many farmers now choosing to farm other more profitable crops, coffee has been on the decline.

One of the great things about coffee production in Guatemala is the fact that many of the farms have their own wet stations so they are able to process their own coffee meaning that many of the coffees leaving the country are traceable right back to the farm.

Guatemalan coffee’s are highly regarded in the speciality coffee world because of the range of different flavours that can be found. The taste profiles can span all the way from light floral or citrus tones all the way through to deeper full bodied chocolatey notes.

The naturals are particularly interesting because Guatemala is normally associated with washed coffees, but naturally processed coffees have recently taken off. With the infrastructure and education that already existed in the Guatemalan coffee industry it's easy to see why they have recently produced some high quality naturals.