Maverick Coffee Co - Wineham in Sussex

Maverick Coffee Co
Wineham in Sussex, BN5 9BU
We’re an independent, family-run Sussex based tea and coffee company run by two sisters who are obsessed with coffee. We have a strong focus on sustainability and it's central to everything we do, from sourcing coffee, packaging, tree planting and more. We are also leading the way in the UK to encourage pods drinkers to ditch single-use pods and switch to our reusable coffee pods and our bespoke 'perfect for pods' coffee range. Traceability is important to us so all of our blends and single origins are traceable back to the farmers that have produced them.


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Wineham in Sussex, BN5 9BU
The Coffee Roasters offers the UK's largest range of arabica coffee beans - sent directly by artisan roasters

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