Brew Coffee Plus - Streatham, London

Brew Coffee Plus
Streatham, London

Brew Coffee Plus

Brew Coffee Plus opened in April 2019, combining Enea and Matthew's love for great coffee after a combined 18 years of experience working in the industry. Based within a restored and modernised industrial unit in Streatham, the brand combines the production of ethically traded and high quality coffee with a forward-thinking approach.

Brew Coffee Plus stands for three key things:

  • Transparency: With clarity comes congruency. As a crucial link between producer, barista and end consumer, we understand the importance of being responsible in how we do business and remaining open about how we operate.
  • Integrity: We stay true to our roots and ideals, believing in consistency, honesty and leading with ethics. Up to 150% more than the cost of production goes back to the farmers we purchase from helping to improve livelihoods.
  • Community: we are grateful to be able to connect and meet with like-minded individuals who love coffee every day. By thinking local, we seek to build meaningful relationships with our customers and wholesale partners.


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Streatham, London
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